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Industrial Surface Solutions

Industrial Surface Solutions

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Industrial Surface Solutions Industrial Surface Solutions
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Welcome to EUROMAT® located in Baesweiler nearby Aachen/Germany. The specialist for bonding, soldering, brazing and coating solutions in industrial applications.

We offer individual, new technical solutions that are implemented directly as prototype or in small series. Be it consulting, development or production: the use of our know-how, our creativity and materials science expertise reduce your production costs and accelerate innovative product and process development. Our services range from the development up to full production with innovative material systems and environmentally friendly, sustainable bonding-brazing and coating processes:

  • Industrial solutions for wear and impact resistance, complete wear parts and bodies
  • Functional coatings for Easy-to-Clean, non-sticking, corrosion protection, low friction
  • Coating and joining/brazing of metals, ceramics, light metals and composite materials
  • Production of cooling plates
  • Special materials and equipments for surface technologies:
    • Targets for optical and wear applications
    • PM-brazing tapes and preforms
    • Solder materials used by ultrasonic joining technologies
    • Ultrasonic equipments for bonding and welding

Goal is optimizing of the function of parts and tools enabled by new materials and coatings as well as bonding/brazing technologies like Format®, NanoPlas®, MicroPlas®, BodyClad® and S-Bond®. Through the cooperation with leading national and international research institutions and industrial companies, the latest developments are consistently incorporated in the search for the solution to the relevant tasks.

Format®, NanoPlas®, MicroPlas®, BodyClad® und S-Bond® are patents and trademarks owned by MACOTECH® -Technology Sales & Consultancy- Dr.-Ing. Ino J. Rass in Aachen and licensed to Euromat® GmbH, Baesweiler-Germany

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BodyClad® - Flexible powder made tapes increase efficiency in brazing and surface brazing processes (publication "Materials in Production 02/2015")

Targets and crucibles for thin film technology

Manifold materials for opticals and wear applications are available. On request we offer bonded targets.

Cooling Plates

High thermal cooling performance achieved by bonding of tubes into aluminium or copper plates. Bonding process uses no flux. Solders can be processed without flux. Bonding temperatures 240-260 oC. Bonded parts can be used in vacuum applications.

Call us. More information: +49.2401.607.2866 or input@euromat.de

Metallization of difficult to solder materials such as light metals, ceramics and glasses using ultrasonic techniques

Aluminum, titanium, ceramics and glasses can be easily and clean metallized. Coating materials are tin or tin alloys. After metallization the parts can be soldered (e.g. Al-wires or contacts of solar cells).

Ask us for solutions, solder materials and equipments for ultrasonic metallization and soldering.

Nanoplas® ETC coatings available

New nano based coatings with wear and corrosion resistant behaviour combined with non sticking and sealing properties were tested successfully. The nano structured coating show anti bacterial behaviour and is suited for medical and food processing applications.

Manifold materials are able to be coated such as metals, light metals, ceramics, glass, plastics, composite materials and organic materials.

Call us. More information: +49.2401.607.2866 or input@euromat.de

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